Feb 26, 2021

Really Living, Or Bracing For Impact?

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Necole Kane
The Hello Necole podcast is a personal conversation with retired celebrity gossip blogger and xoNecole Founder Necole Kane. With special inspirational guests, and weekly musings, you'll get an inside peek into the world of the queen of reinvention.
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They say “Do it scared! Face the fear and do it anyway,” but how many of us can truly say we are living our lives that way?

I’ve decided to do something different for today’s newsletter. Most of my close friends know that voice notes are my love language. They are my preferred message of communication and it is the most efficient way I stay connected to my loved ones.

So I’ve decided to leave you a voice note today. Hopefully, you have some time to spare :)

What to expect:

  • Why my morning routine is so important

  • How my mom’s passing changed the trajectory of my life

  • What it means to live your life bracing for impact

Let me know your thoughts!

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